Multicereals, 28/09/2011


PAPADOPOULOS Multicereal biscuits with 4 Cereals were launched in the greek market in 2003. They are made of 4 different cereals (barley, wheat, rye, oats and rice -depending on their kind) in quantities that vary from 53% to 64%, offering therefore, special nutritious benefits of every kind.

Carbohydrates offered by cereals release energy at a slow rate, because they consist mainly of starch. Moreover, PAPADOPOULOS Multicereal Biscuits with 4 Cereals contain fibres that help in the good function of the digestive system while at the same time they stabilize the sugar levels in the blood and provoke a sense of saturation for a longer period of time. Moreover they are trans fatty acids free and low in cholesterol.

They constitute a variety of very tasty and balanced biscuits, which can be consumed at any time of the day and especially as part of breakfast and are available in different flavors in order to cover the dietary preferences of all ages. Enjoy them plain or with your milk, beverage or yogurt, in your breakfast but also during any other time of the day.

Multicereal Biscuits with 4 Cereals and Chocolate
Delicious Chocolate and high nutritional value of 4 cereals ,vitamins & minerals joined in order to create  Multicereal Biscuits with Chocolate. enjoy them with a glass of milk & a fruit and start your day full of energy.

Multicereal Biscuits with 4 Cereals and Muesli
For you that you are appreciating the rich flavour of fruits but at the same time the nourishing value of 4 cereals, vitamins & minerals we created Multicereal Biscuits with Muesli. Enjoy them with  yoghurt and a glass of orange juice  and the breakfast becomes delicious!

Multicereal Biscuits with 4 Cereals and Milk
Four nutritious cereals joined with milk, calcium, vitamins & minerals in order to offer you an ideal choice for your breakfast. Multicereal Biscuits with Milk! Enjoy them with yoghurt and a fruit and a balanced breakfast is yours!

Multicereal Biscuits with 4 Cereals and Cocoa with no sugar
For those who want to limit the consumption of sugars but without missing the pleasure of taste, we created Multicereal Biscuits with 4 Cereals and Cocoa, Sugar free.Aromatic cocoa , nutritious cereals ,vitamins & minerals joined together to offer you all the pleasure , With no sugar!

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