Why Greek Yogurt, 24/08/2011

Why Greek Yogurt

Let's see what are the reasons more and more people, especially of higher financial order, trust Greek yogurt for keeping their silhouette.

The answer is that the high percentage of proteins that Greek yogurt contains, makes it stand out form the rest.

Researchers point out that 170g of plain yogurt contains 6-7g of protein, when Greek yogurt contains 12g.

Even more, Greek yogurt contains less carbohydrates, and the reason is that a part of milk serum is subtracted during production. This does not mean that Greek yogurt is healthier than the rest, but that it is the best possible choice for keeping weight, in combination with a high nutrition value.

According to a research made by Self Magazine, it is Greek yogurt's thick texture that most of its fans seem to love. This texture makes it a smart solution for the production of  low fat milk cream or salad dressings.

For anyone that is not a yogurt lover, the magazine's consultants propose a combination with fresh or dry fruits, honey or dry nuts, in order to take advantage of its alimentary elements.

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