Why Exhibit Here?

Online Fairs of OnlineExpo.gr are a powerful, global and highly profitable marketing tool for your business.OnlineExpo is where your customers are!

It is particularly designed to cover the needs of businesses that promote their products and services internationally:
  • Reach an international visitor audience,
  • Expand your clientele globally,
  • Promote your business 365 days a year,
  • Promote new products and services in a fast and effective way,
  • Improve the image and recognition of your business,
  • Increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and reduce advertising costs.

In developped economies, online expositions seem to have an increasingly important role in the marketing mix of businesses that promote their products abroad, offering them 24h promotion, advertisement, new client contacts and, as a result, more international trade opportunities and profit.

In developping countries, online expositions are the fastest way of promoting and establishing new technologies and products to foreign markets.The advantages of OnlineExpo:


  • The fact that products from several commercial fairs are being promoted as a whole through a common means helps us promote your business in a highly profitable and effective way.
  • The distinct structure and clear classification of our online pavilions allows us to promote and advertise your company directly to your targeted visitor audience.
  • Reach global presence in both developped and developping markets.
  • Faster and more effective promotion of innovative products and technologies on a global scale,
  • Continuity and consistency of your overall advertising campaign throughout the whole year of your display on OnlineExpo
  • Improve what your customers think about your business by decreasing their information costs.
  • Decreased advertising costs.