Exhibition terms

Welcome to our company"s web-site. Please, read carefully the following information for your own updating.

•    Wherever you meet the word "website", it is signified the present one.
•    With the word "elements" are signified all the data which are included in the website, such as each table, chart, diagram, information, report, analysis, text, photograph etc.
•    With the word "user" is signified each visitor of the website.  
•    "Use" means the process, the study, the advice, the storage or any other record on the memory or anywhere else in a magnetic or a non magnetic way, installation, any kind of promotion, mechanic or non mechanic, including the printing of the Elements of the website.  
•    Wherever you meet the word ?beneficiary? it signifies the company "onlineexpo", the creator of the Website and of all the Elements encountered, or the legal user of all the Elements which do not consist of original literary creation of its own.

Please, read carefully the following elements which are the internationally acknowledged conditions and prerequisites, for the access and the use of websites.

The use of the elements which is made by the user of the website is free of any kind of charge, direct or indirect, but it is ruled by the following conditions and prerequisites:

1. Possession and intellectual rights
Each right, profit and assumption, made from and upon the elements belong exclusively to the beneficiary or/and the legal prescribed partners, apart from the cases where it is explicitly provided on a different setting. The beneficiaries preserve at any time and at any case all legal rights upon these elements, as well as upon any copies produced at a later date, whatever the form or the type of this copying may be.

2. Use permission
The permission of use of all the elements is strictly and exclusively personal, and it is regulated by all the conditions which are cited in the present text. It is permitted only the personal use of the elements and does in no way whatsoever permit the exploitation of the elements for any other reason (or form; electronically, mechanically or other) such as them being republished in total, partially, in sum, converted or paraphrased, or creating derivative pieces which will be totally or partially based on these elements, in a way which differs from the one suggested explicitly on this text or/and the current law, without the former permission of the beneficiary.

3. Compensatory responsibility

The elements are characterized by an immiscibly counseling and informative character, while in the same time they are continuously updated and modified. The beneficiary of these elements is not responsible for any kind of amends or rectification for direct or indirect loss and or positive/depositive damage, in the present or in the future.

4. Advertisements
The website contains advertisements as well as the promotion of other material which appears to have content, goal and character totally advertising. The beneficiary does not carry any responsibility towards the users, or towards anyone which considers himself offended, for any kind of illegal act or omission, imprecision or debility to comply with the rules and regulations of any country, or of the European Union, concerning the content of the advertisements. The beneficiary is not obliged to and does not survey the legality of the advertising material which is interposed on the website (apart from the obvious cases of assault of legal rights which would have been perceived by an average considerate citizen) and therefore no such responsibilities can be charged. The blame is to be put to the sponsors, or/and the creators of the problematic material, if such a situation arises.

5. Connection with other e-Addresses

The website offers direct access to other websites or/and electronic addresses, over the content of which the beneficiary cannot intervene, and therefore does not carry any responsibility, and does not offer any guarantee for the legality of their content.

6. Personal Data
The beneficiary is charged to use the personal data which is voluntarily provided by the users, in a way that complies with the Greek and the community law targeting to the amelioration of the services which are offered to the users or to ascertain the satisfaction of their needs, wishes and expectations.

7. Commutative arrangements
The non activation, on behalf of the beneficiary, of any kind of legal right or authority or compensation, is not equivalent with the withdrawal from such rights. These specific conditions are ruled and interpreted by the Hellenic law, while the relevant authority for the settlement of each argument is the Greek courts. Meanwhile, the beneficiary has the possibility to withdraw itself by the present arrangement and to apply or/and to interpret the specific conditions according to the existing law of the user?s country, and to subsume the resultant arguments in the user?s country cognizance.


Consequences: The use, the republication, the circulation etc. or the exploitation, of any kind and any time, of the elements of the web site without the beneficiary?s permission draws a score of civil and criminal penalties, especially those of the law 2121/1993 "about intellectual property", of the Greek Legislation, and the article 60 of the Greek Civil Code of Laws, and many others specific legal arrangements.