Greek Wine Suppliers

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Who to choose Greek Wine Suppliers?

Greece's 6000 year old wine tradition has allowed the local wines to have a distinct identity.

The Greeks honored wine through God Dionysus. Greeks affection for wine has refused to wane since 6000 B.C. It seems the essence of Greek wine lies with special concocting flavors and special distillating techniques adopted by wine makers.

In the last 20 years Greece has experienced a reborn of the winemaking industry. Greece's wine industry have earned the consumer trust and confidence it deserves and has now become a considerable selection in the buying lists of major suppliers and distributors in the world wine arena. Greece ranks 13th in the world today in wine production, just behind Chile;

A principal reason for the improvement of Greek wines during the last two decades has been the Greeks' traditional respect for education. A very high percentage of winemakers (called oenologists in Greece) have been trained in the best wine schools around the world-including Bordeaux and Dijon in France, U.C. Davis in California, and in Australia.

Greece has all of the natural endowments for a great wine-producing country: a variable, temperate climate with lots of mountains and hillsides, and all sorts of varied soils, including volcanic soils on the islands.

The Greek landscape is ideal for unique microclimatic conditions favoring the cultivation of local grape varieties. The combination of a mild climate, a lot of sunshine and low rainfall make soils of moderate fertility and small crops of excellent quality.

Modern Greek winemaking industry produces wines with decent quality and with affordable prices.

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