Greek Ouzo Exporters

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Among other e-fairs, we had organized one for Greek Ouzo where some of the main Greek Ouzo Exporters are presented.

About Greek Ouzo

Greek Ouzo is an anise flavored aperitif. It starts by distilling 96 percent alcohol by volume pure ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin in copper stills together with anise and optionally other flavorings. The composition of flavoring ingredients are often guarded company secrets and serve to distinguish one Greek Ouzo from another. Greek Ouzo yeast is usually mixed with 96 percent pure ethyl alcohol and sugar may be added at the end. Finally the mix is diluted with water, usually around 40 percent alcohol by volume. Greek Ouzo production does not include any fermentation or multiple distillations.

Why to choose Greek Ouzo Exporters?

They are exporters of superior quality Greek Ouzo to wholesalers, supermarket chains and other importers. Our Greek Ouzo Exporters clients are some of the biggest in Greece. We are proud to be able to share with you the tastes of this country!

Check our e-fair for Greek Ouzo and see what Greek Ouzo Exporters have to offer. It is just a click away.