Greek Ouzo Exporters

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Drinking Greek Ouzo

Ouzo's origins are traced back in the 14th century, where monks living in Mount Athos created a version of tsipouro by adding anise to it, and thus the ouzo was born. Many other stories about the origins of Greek Ouzo exist too, but are mostly folklore.

Ouzo can be found in many places in Greece, even at coffee houses. There are also some places called "ouzeri", where many brands of Greek Ouzo are offered. It is mixed with water and is served with ice cubes. Most of the times, ouzo is served with snacks called "mezedes", in order to lower the adverse effects of consuming too much alcohol.

In Greece you will find many different brands of ouzo that will meet every standard. The island of Lesvos is very well known for the ouzo it produces. Two of its most popular brands are "Plomari" and "Mini". Other famous brands, from all over Greece, are "Metaxa", "Ouzo 12", "Tsantali", "Melathron", and "Tyrnabou".

Greek Ouzo Companies are the best!

The appropriate climate, the traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation, and the high rates of consumption (especially domestically), have made Greek Ouzo Companies the undisputed experts in producing and exporting this anise-flavored aperitif.

Since 2006, Ouzo was made a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product, and so only Greek Ouzo Companies are allowed to export this delightful spirit. Every year, around 20 million bottles are consumed in Greece, since Greek Ouzo is a trademark in the Greek culture. There are, also, over 10 million bottles of ouzo that are exported all over the world, making ouzo companies more and more interested in increasing the production in order to fill the needs of the world.

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