Greek Olives Exporters

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Among other fairs, we had organized Greek Olives where some of the main Greek Olives Exporters are presented.

Famous Greek Olives

The word olive derives from Latin "oliva" which in turn comes from the Greek ελαία (elaia). There is a vast majority of olives that thrive in the Greek Mediterranean climate.

Olives are harvested in autumn and winter. Since there are many different varieties, the harvest month occurs each year according to the demands of the individual varieties (e.g. green olives are picked at the end of September while blond olives are picked from the middle of October).

Nowadays, the "Calamon Olive" (which is cultivated in Kalamata), is considered to be the most tasteful in regards to types of Greek Olives, and olives around the world. Other famous varieties of Greek Olives can be found in Amfissa, Agrinion, Chalkidiki, etc., and vary both in appearance as well as in taste(for example there are black and green olives, and oxidized olives that come with a milder taste).

Why to choose Greek Olives Exporters?

The Greeks where the first people who cultivated olives in the Mediterranean Europe. In our days, Greek Olives Exporters are of the most experienced in the world, since the Greek economy relies heavily on producing and exporting olives (just imagine that there are more than a 100 million olive trees in Greece!). It gives us great pleasure to be in partnership with some of the best Greek Olives Exporters, since it is in our interest and yours, to offer the best quality products in reasonable prices.

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