Greek Olive Oil Suppliers

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Greek Olive Oil Production

The olive tree has been the symbol of wisdom and peace.

People have used olive presses since Greeks first began pressing olives over 5000 years ago. Olympic games winners in ancient Greece were crowned with olive branches.

Olive oil, being almost pure fat, is dense in calories yet healthy, without adverse health effects. Unlike cereals which can be destroyed by humidity and pests in storage, olive oil can be very easily stored and will not go rancid for at least a year (unless needlessly exposed to light or extremely hot weather), by which time a fresh harvest will be available.

The percentage of oil in the olive increases with ripeness, and oil pressed from ripe olives is golden, while less ripe olives tend to produce more peppery, pungent oils with a pronounced green colour.

Production of olive oil in Greece fluctuates between 300 and 400 thousand tonnes. About 2/3 of domestic production is covered by Crete and the Peloponnese and especially by the counties of Heraklion and Messinia. The olive presses in Greece are small-sized family run businesses, which are set up in oil producing areas. There are approximately 3,000 of these mills in operation throughout Greece!

The olive oil is either offered directly for consumption, or further processed and/or bottled. Most companies which process and/or bottle olive oil are also involved in its distribution in bulk, while there are also other trading companies (wholesale) dealing exclusively with sales within Greece and abroad. Moreover, a number of cooperatives are involved not only in the production, but also in trading and bottling of their oil.

From the 19th century until our days a large number of incentives were given to individual producers, thus today Greece, despite its small size possesses the third position among olive oil producers in the world using the most advanced methods and the most sophisticated technologies.

Why to choose Greek Olive Oil Suppliers?

Greece has by far the largest per capita consumption of olive oil worldwide, over 26 liters per person per year; Spain and Italy, around 14 l; Tunisia, Portugal, Syria and Lebanon, around 8 l. Northern Europe and North America consume far less, a round 0.7 l, but the consumption of olive oil outside its home territory has been rising steadily. About one half of the annual olive oil production in Greece is exported. Average yearly Greek olive oil exports amount to 140,000 tons per year, while only seven to ten thousand tons reflect the bottled product. Greek exports primarily target countries of the European Union, the main recipient being Italy, which receives about three quarters of Greeces total exports.

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