Greek Olive Oil Exporters

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Among other fairs, we had organized Greek Olive Oil where some of the main Greek Olive Oil Exporters are presented.

Qualities of Greek Olive Oil

Greece has traditionally been involved in the making of olive oil since ancient times (in Crete were the first people to press the olives and thus distill the first Greek olive oil). The most common types of olive oil eligible for consumption are categorized according to the level of free fatty acids they content (acidity):

Extra virgin
This type has a unique taste and smell, and has the lowest acidity levels (≤= 0.8%).
Fine virgin
Olive oil with acidity levels ≤= 2%.
Virgin olive oil which has a good taste and smell. The tolerance that it is given is 10%, which means that there has to be a maximum of 3,3g/100g of oil (expressed in oleic acid).

Why to choose Greek Olive Oil Exporters?

Well, one good reason is that the Greeks were the first people involved in the picking of olives from olive trees and pressing them in order to become olive oil. Every new generation adds up their experience, so the process of making it, becomes better and more refined. Olive oil from Greek is being exported in bulk for many years, because even though the domestic consumption is great, there is still a vast number of olive trees and farmers that are more than enough.

Nowadays, Greece produces hundreds of thousands of tons of olive oil in an annual basis, and most of it is extra virgin. Greek Olive Oil Exporters are responsible for exporting a lot of this refined oil to other countries too, thus supporting greatly the Greek economy.

Our Greek Olive Oil Exporters are working alongside with some of the best and most famous brands of Greek Olive Oil (like Minerva), and are more than eager to provide you the chance to try this delicious distillate made from olives yourselves!

So, why shouldn't you check our Greek Olive Oil and see what Greek Olive Oil Exporters have to offer? It is only a click away.