Greek Food Suppliers

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Greek food ingredients overview

Without any doubt the most characteristic element of Greek cuisine is olive oil, which is used in most dishes. It comes from the olive trees and adds a distinctive taste to Greek food. Wheat is certainly the basic grain in Greece, though barley is also grown. Important vegetables include tomato, potato, green beans, okra, green peppers, and onions. Honey in Greece is mainly thyme honey and pine honey from conifer trees.

Greeks use some flavorings more often than other people in Mediterranean area do, like garlic, oregano, mint, bay laurel leaves and dill. Other common herbs and spices are thyme, fennel seed and basil. Most of the Greek recipes, especially in the north, use sweet spices in combination with meat, for example cloves in stews and cinnamon.

Why to choose Greek Food Suppliers?

Greek Food Supplier's products based on pure products of the nature . This can ensure a better quality of life and physical health. The quality of products is unique and their nutritional value is unsurpassed. Some of the Greek Food Suppliers products are olives and extra virgin olive oil, milk and feta cheese, fish, honey, fruits, wines, mastic, and many other in order tp create a nutrient-rich and a delicious cuisine, which can meet the high taste and nutritional needs modern life has. Greek Food Suppliers offers the highest quality food.

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