Greek Feta Exporters

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Among other e-fairs, we had organized Greek Feta where some of the main Greek Feta Exporters are presented.

About Greek Feta

Feta is a brined curd cheese traditionally made in Greece. Greek Feta has a slightly grainy texture, commonly produced in blocks and is an aged crumbly cheese. It is used in Greek salad, in baking and pastries, notably in the popular greek pies, spinach pie and cheese pie. Its also combined with olive oil and vegetables. It can also be part of a sandwich or a salty alternative to other cheeses in a variety of dishes.

Why to choose Greek Feta Exporters?

Most of Greeks who exports feta are both Exporters and Producers. Since July 2002 the term "Feta" has been a Protected Designation of Origin, that limits the term within the E.U. to feta made exclusively of sheep or goat milk in Greece. According to the Commission, the special breeds of sheep and goats used for milk coupled with the biodiversity of the land is what gives feta cheese a specific aroma and distinct flavor. So Greek Feta Exporters know how to choose best quality greek feta cheese produced in a traditional way.

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