Greek Cheese Exporters

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Among other e-fairs, we had organized Greek Cheese where some of the main Greek Cheese Exporters are presented.

Famous Greek Cheese Products

Most common Greek Cheese Products such as Feta, Kasseri, Mizithra, Anthotyros, Metsovone, Graviera and Kefalotyri are made from sheep or goat milk. Feta is the most famous of all and its a brined white cheese. Another famous Greek Cheese is Metsovone , its production takes place basically in the region of Metsovo and it is a semi-hard smoked cheese. Graviera is also a well known greek cheese and it is a Greek version of Gruyere. A special Greek Cheese is Mizithra, it's an unsalted soft cheese served on its own or used in sweet or savoury pies.

Reasons to choose Greek Cheese Exporters?

Greek Cheese Exporters products based on pure goat or sheep milk. This can ensure the best quality and taste for cheese products. The quality of products is unique thats why Greek Cheese Exporters sharing in the EU and US market is growing every year. Greek Cheese Exporters offer highest quality Cheese which has Protected designation of origin (PDO)

So why not to check our Greek Cheese and see what Greek Cheese Exporters have to offer. It is just a click away.