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Extra virgin olive oil made with art & tradition

The GOLDEN ELEON founded by people with a passion for healthy diet, they have invested in the value of the tradition and the good that our country grants us….OLIVE OIL.

The company headquarters is in Amarinthos of Evia. Owner and founder is Karavas Anthony and the company is surrounded by people with experience in the health and safety of products. Our company has experienced representatives: in Crete, Peloponnese, Evia and Lesvos, they have all the need experience of oil production, fact that guarantees the excellent quality of our olive oil and allows us to reassure your satisfaction.

Our company operates in the field of exports of olive oil. It is designed to work with only the oil without chemical interventions and to promote it abroad and in Greek market. It is known that Greek olive oil is the best olive oil in the world. With our experience and continuous controls choose the best olive oil in Greece and transfer to certified facilities (ISO 22000 and HAICAP). We store it in stainless steel tanks under controlled environmental conditions and conventionalize it with strict standards that assure hygiene and safety of the consumer. Our commitment is to offer you a quality and pure olive oil.

We pack the olive oil of superior quality in the most trimmed, aesthetic and practical packaging. The type of bottle used is MARASCA, DORIKA, BERTOLLI, PET plastic bottles and in bulk. It is obvious that we give special value to the consumer's needs and thus invest in appearance, safe packaging, quality and nutritional value of our olive oil.

Having the primary purpose of quality and respecting consumer's needs we invite you to enjoy the superior quality of our olive oil so you can ascertain yourself the highest quality of our product.

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