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In Greece, in the area of Kastoria city and more specifically near the village Melissotopos, Skeklios Kosmas' and Karageorgiou Marias' organic crop production farms are located. In the foot of the mountain Verno (Vitsi), in the village Melissotopos, 15 km from the lake Orestiada of Kastoria the Skeklios-Karageorgiou family, with the maximum respect towards nature, is growing their organic products with the traditional way since 1998. The ideal height of 733m as well as the regions' singularity assists the proper cultivation of crops (apples, potatoes, tomatoes). According to the E.U. decision our products are characterized as "Geographic Indication Products" while they are said to be uniquely tasteful and of exceptional quality not only in our region, but also throughout Greece. The farm is distinguished for its fine organic products as well as for the traditional and A-quality principals which governs it. Nowadays the familys' organic crop producing farms is an essential for the market business, since its products are being sold throughout Greece with the assistance of certain biological distribution companies.

How it all begun

Hello, my name is Nicole and I'm 12 years old. Along with my brother Sotiris and my parents Maria Karageorgiou and Kosmas Skeklios we are living in the village Melissotopos near Kastoria city. When I was born my parents wanted the best for my upbringing, so they planted a few trees with fruits and some vegetables so I can eat healthy products. But as time went by, they begun to think that not only my, but all the other kids also deserved so healthy and simultaneously delicious diet. My parents then with great respect towards the environment decided to create an organic crop production farm with both fruits and vegetables so as more and more children to have the opportunity to a as healthy diet as mine. In a nutshell for the past 12 years my parents produce delicious and reliable organic fruits and vegetables such as apples, tomatoes and potatoes not only for me and my brother but for the other kids to enjoy also.


The year 2000 the first orchard of 14.5 acres was settled and the production of organic potatoes begun in a total 8 acres state. Simultaneously they are included in the five-year program of organic cultivation of the Ministry of Agricultural. Three years later the second orchard is settled with a total 8.5 acres state. During that time the potato production also rises. At 2006 the ministry organic cultivation program is being renewed and for the destruction of the orchards due to the bad weather to be avoided a protective anti-hail net is placed upon them and the quality get ever better than before. At 2008 the cultivation of tomatoes is being added to enterprises' catalogue of products. Amongst our top priorities is the installment of a new 15 acres apple and pear orchard at November of 2012. Meanwhile a new member has joined the business at 2006, Ms. Karageorgiou Artemis, mother of Karageorgiou Maria with an additional estate of a total 33 acres state.

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