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Since 1856, Trikalinos Family has produced and sold Grey Mullet Bottarga Known in Greece as Avgotaraho, which is a delicacy of cured mullet roe.

The Trikalinos Company uses only grey mullet roes, recognized as the highest quality roe for this delicacy. The standardized production techniques properly balance the salting and drying process to deliver higher moisture and lower sodium to the final product. In addition, the Trikalinos Grey Mullet Avgotaraho is coated by natural bee’s wax, which sufficiently preserves the product and its delicate taste during its self life, despite the low sodium content.

Trikalinos Co has an implementation of quality assurance systems. Recent research (titled: Chemical Composition of Greek Avgotaraho, published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry), has shown that Trikalinos Avgotaraho contains vitamins, protein, selenium, ferrum and is rich in ω3 fatty acids (the ω3 fatty acids provided by the consumption of 100 g are 4,93 g).

Trikalinos Co has a distribution of its gourmet products both in Greece and abroad and applies a growing sales strategy in restaurants- wine bars and gourmet stores in USA, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, France, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Swiss, Cyprus and Spain.

Today, Trikalinos Company has increased its product range by producing and exporting Trikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga Powder (which is dehydrated, grated bottarga) and Trikalinos Fleur De Sel (which is a marine salt of premium quality) also.

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