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DS Consulting provides specialized services mainly for Food Operators in the Organic Sector. Organic Farming and the production of Organic Food, is governed worldwide by a maze of different Standards, Norms, Regulations both at National and International level and always in line with the existing rules for food safety and hygiene. In addition to that, the Organic Market has a very unique way of operating, based on the general rules of commerce but with respect to the organic farming principles and very high consumers’ level of awareness and expectations.

Relying on our associates, and specifically on their excellent academic knowledge and professional experience, we provide exceptional services, specialized mainly for the Organic Market. Our aim is to constantly offer first-rate services thus helping food companies to respond at their best to the increasing demands and opportunities of the Organic Sector. DS Consulting cooperates with specialized professionals (agronomists, chemical engineers, animal technologists) in order to be able to provide this broad scope of services.

Our website besides providing the particulars of our work, it also provides information and criticism about the development of Organic Farming in the European Union and particularly in Greece (BLOG). Interesting articles, organic regulations’ updates, specific market reviews and news, are among the topics that are regularly covered and your comments and opinions will always be welcome.

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Organic Food Companies & Farmers

  • Consulting Services (technical and business)
  • Certification services depending on the target market (for exporters)
  • Technical training services (organic principles, regulations, global standards)
  • 2nd party audits to suppliers (for wholesalers and retailers)
  • Development of supply network (organic raw materials, private label, facon )
  • Food label control (design and development for the labeling of organic products)

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Food companies in general

  • Design and development of Quality Management Systems against ISO 9001:2008
  • Design and development of Food Safety Management Systems against ISO 22000:2005 and Codex Alimentarius
  • Labeling control for prepackaged food (design and development for the labeling of the products against all regulatory demands)
  • 2nd party audits for processors, wholesalers and retailers

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Certification Bodies

  • Design and development of Organic Product Certification Systems against EN 45011 or ISO 65
    • EU Regulation 834/2007 (European Union Market)
    • USDA NOP (National Organic Program - US Market)
    • NaTrue Label (EU Organic Cosmetics)
    • COSMOS Standard (European Organic Cosmetics)
    • and GlobalGAP (for integrated farming)
  • Design and development of Management System Certification Systems against ISO 17021
    • ISO 22000:2005
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • AGRO 2.1 & 2.2 (Greek Standard for integrated farming)

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