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KANAKA BROS Ltd is active in the production, processing and trading of agricultural products and foods.

It is based in Halastra, Thessaloniki, the major rice producing area in Greece. Its main activity is processing and trading of all indica and japonica rice types. Being itself a producer of unhulled rice and concentrating additional quantities from the local producers, it is capable of supplying the market with unhulled, semi-processed and processed rice of excellent quality and standards. In this field it is already developing major export activity in many European and Middle East countries.

Similtaneously, it is active in the trade of cereals such as corn, hard and soft wheat as also barley, aiming at supplying domestic and foreign industries with raw material.

Finally, having established collaboration with two leading companies, each in its own sector, it represents Zaccaria , supplying rice and corn processing machinery and Kepler Weber supplying products for establishing installations of agricultural products storage areas (silo), metal pre-cleaning equipment, chain conveyors, lifts and permanent type dryers. In this field it undertakes the presentation of the products to the client and order preparation as well as supply spare parts. Both represented companies are based in Brazil.

The company’s aim is to promote rice mainly to the international market and to cover the food and animal feed industry needs in raw materials (wheat, corn, barley) on permanent basis. The Company maintains a responsible and credible attitude towards all producers but also towards its collaborating companies. Possessing the know-how and following the advancements, it is able to cover the needs of every client and collaborator, at any given time.

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