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Company Profile

Olympus products are produced by a group of companies owned by a family that has already reached its third generation of dairy producers. So, we can talk about a long tradition of Olympus dairy products. We are proud to say that we are working with the finest in order to bring products of premium quality on your table. We choose the best raw material, in order to produce the tastiest and healthiest products.

From the heart of Greece...Authentically on your table...

Our Mission

We are a company that cares for its consumers and that is why our mission is three-fold:

  1. The Quest For Perfection
  2. The Production of a Wide Range of Dairy Products
  3. The Persistence To Excellent Quality and Taste

Our Vision

  • We are standing by the side of our employees in order to offer them the best and safest working conditions
  • We work closely with our partners and suppliers to achieve the best quality to the best possible price for our consumers
  • We respect the environment where our children live and we are constantly striving to improve our environmental performance

Our Corporate Values

  • Care and love for the society, the consumers, our employees, and the environment
  • Trust and credibility
  • Constant strife for improvement and excellence

Group Strategy

The Olympus brand is strongly associated with high quality export products of Greek origin, and therefore an ideal vehicle for the growth of our international consumer market. We strive to increase our brand visibility and extend our market presence worldwide by:

  • Acquainting more and more people with the Greek dairy products, the Greek tradition and the brand Olympus
  • Forming strategic alliances in order to penetrate new markets
  • Continuously expanding the range of our products
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