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  • Tomato (classic)
  • Tomato "tserri"
  • Tomato "tsampi"
  • Tomato (oval)
  • Pepper, green
  • Pepper of other colours
  • Pepper - "horn"
  • Cucumber, long
  • Cucumber, ordinary
  • Aubergine
  • Lettuce, celery, dill, parsley
  • Onion
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Watermelon
  • Melon

Tomato (classic)

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Pepper (green)

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Tomato "tsampi"

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Tomato plants

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Company Profile

BIANAME A.E. is the farmers partnerships who produce Biological products in Crete Island, Greece. We're producing high quality Biological products all-over-the-year, according to European criteria and the regulation rules No. 2092/91.

Our company organises and supervises the production, supplies with equipment and fulfils whole gamma of support for farmers - company's partners.

Our central hothouses are situated at Messara Valley, Crete (Municipality of Tympaki, Lagolia region). This region is characterized by ideal meteorological conditions for vegetable production (sunlight, temperature) has rich and productive soil and abundant clean water.

Company has all modern equipment, refrigerators, fulfils in-film and carton box packaging and is ready to meet any requirements and standards of modern food inside-E.C. and other countries' markets.

Why "green" vegetables?

  • Clean food, without chemical or any artificial fertilizers, hormones or ingredients. It is very important for your health nutrition and health of your children.

"Green" vegetables have following characteristics:

  • High-end alimentary value. Feel original taste of Mediterranean products!
  • They have real and natural taste. As biological products are collected when they are ripen, so they are full of all needed nutrients.
  • It is Guarantee of its genuineness.
  • They are always fresh, without any food preservatives.

Eating "green" products, you participate in environment protection, because you support its production that makes without artificial and chemical fertilizers. Artificial and chemical fertilizers are poison (in many cases) for water, soil, and hurt insects and birds.

  • There is a natural way for ecosystem, and for nutrition cycle over biological chain. Soil remains always fertile and by natural way.
  • Each plant grows in it's natural biotope, and in clean countryside.
  • Natural Harmony in the nature.
  • Big perspective for future life style, that needs to become more healthy and clean.